Alexander Taratynov

The artist

The bronze sculpture of the Bashkir rider was made by the Russian artist Alexander Taratynov. He also made the designs for this monument and the monument, which will be located in Wijhe on the site of the bivouac of the Bashkirs.

Alexander Taratynov (b. Moscow 1956) was educated at the Surikov Art Academy in Moscow (1975-1981) following his studies at the Moscow Art Lyceum (1967-1974). He is a member of the Association of Russian Artists and of the Grekov Studio, the institute where the Russian government has traditionally commissioned monuments. Alexander Taratynov has been living in Maastricht for several decades now. In 2007 he received the special honorable appointment as Corresponding Member of the Academy of Fine Arts of the Russian Federation (Moscow), where he also received the silver medal. He also received the bronze medal from Serre di Rappolano (Italy).

Statues by Alexander Taratynov can also be found at the Tsar Peterhuisje in Zaandam (busts of Tsar Peter the Great and Anna Paulowna), in the Aldenhofpark in Maastricht (D’Artagnan), on the Anna Paulownaplein in The Hague (Anna Paulowna) and at the Sluisplein in Anna Paulowna (Anna on Paard). He gained national fame through the sculpture group inspired by the Night Watch (in collaboration with Mikhail Dronov) on Rembrandtplein in 2006. His sculptures can also be found in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Latvia, Montenegro and Russia.

In 2007 Alexander Tarantynov had an exhibition in the context of the series “Proeftuin Amsterdam” in Museum Geelvinck (curated by the Grael Art Gallery), with images of the artist shown in this series in 2008 (in collaboration with Galerie Noordeinde). Up to and including 2015, images of him adorned the garden of the Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis.

De Nachtwacht in 3D op het Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam
The Nightwatch painting in 3D, Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam, with Rembrandt himself towering above them.
The Cat
Alexander Taratynov met zijn vrouw Katja en twee dochters.
Alexander Taratynov with his wife and two daughters.